SC&T Rovers - February 2015 Newsletter

Please find below the SC&T February 2015 Newsletter - If you have any content you'd like included in a newsletter edition, please email it to webmaster@scatrovers.com.


Upcoming Events

• Venturer & Rover Canyoning - Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th March

• Region Rovers AGM - Tuesday 10th March

• Inter-Crew Challenge (Term 1) - Wednesday 18th March

• Pigskin 2015 - Friday 27th - Sunday 29th March

• Dragonskin 2015 - Friday 3rd - Monday 6th April

• Region Rover Council (April) - Tuesday 14th April

• Region Venturer Rally (RVR) - Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th May

• Region Rover Council (May) - Tuesday 12th May

• WWG South VII - Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th May


Region Canyoning Weekend

The 2015 incarnation of our annual Region Canyoning Weekend will be a reboot of last year’s wash out, let’s hope the weather is kinder!
As for last December’s failed trip we will be holding it at Mt Wilson which gives us the ability to run a Li Lo trip.

One difference this time is that we are trying an on line booking system, the registration process will be as follows.

• Register your attendance at the following URL http://www.sctscouts.org.au/events/venturer-and-rover-region-canyoning-weekend-2015/

• Bring with you on the Weekend the E1 & $20.00.

• Following registration, further communications regarding this weekend will be via the email address and as a last resort the phone number provided in the online form so please make sure both are valid.

Unfortunately we will have to cap numbers at 40 so if you are interested please register early.
For more details, please refer to the email sent to the SC&T Rovers Mailing List on Thursday 29th January 2015.

Mark Woodard & Greg Pearce - Region Canyoning Organisers


Annual General Meeting (SC&T Rovers)

The Region Rover Council AGM will kick off from 6.30pm on March 10th at Mount Keira Lodge, where we will elect office bearers for the following year. If you have any questions or nominations please contact me on president@scatrovers.com. Any far out Crews who wish to skype in please contact our Webmaster Ben Nichols on webmaster@scatrovers.com. Please Note, this is a uniform event.

Hope to see you all there.

Simone Haider - RRC President


Drink Holders

Our very own Rovers drink holders are now available!

You can purchase one of two designs; a shapely bikini design or a body building boy in a budgie smuggler. Or perhaps get one of each!

They'd make awesome gifts, or even if you just want one for yourself to take camping or for a summer BBQ.

If you're interested in purchasing one, they are available for $10 each at the next RRC or contact Rosie. 

Rosie O'Meley - RRC Public Relations Officer 


WWG North XIV - STAR WARS - The Sith Unleashed

STAR WARS – The Sith Unleashed saw Scouts and Venturers sweating out the harsh sun over 24 hours whilst completing a range of activities.

197 Scouts and 46 Venturers attended the event, as well as 6 Cubs trialing a Cub role for future events.

Special thanks to our Caterers (Allan Goodger, Matthew Riley and Illaroo Venturers), First Aider (Vulch), as well as our Sites & Services team (Peter Z, Michael K, Craig D & Lesa C).

Ben Nichols - WWG Assistant Chairman


**More Compulsory Training**

Back in mid November, as access to e-learning became available to all Rovers, we advised that Region Commissioner, Phil Crutchley had instructed thatall Adult Members (including Rovers) in SC&T Region are to complete the E Learning Modules of Basic Scout Safe, and WHS & Scouting before the 28.02.2015.

The two modules can be accessed as above at any time and are not overly lengthy. You may hear that other Regions have fewer modules and different and more generous deadlines. This is true but our Regional deadline is a fact and the suspensions made over Childsafe clearly demonstrate that the Association is serious about Safety and serious about making sure that we are all aware of our Responsibilities! A suspension means that the Rover cannot wear uniform or participate in any Scouting function until the suspension is lifted. Suspensions will be followed by termination of membership if the training is still not completed.

I cannot stress the importance of this matter. Please make sure that you, your friends and your Crew get the job done!!

Bob Nightingale - Region Commissioner -Rovers


Commissioner's Corner

Wow! February already! 

I hope that everyone is well rested and well prepared for the opportunities and challenges that 2015 will provide.

Unfortunately, the month will start for a small number of our rovers with receiving a letter informing them that their Scouting membership has been suspended.  This will be as a result of failure to complete the Childsafe training package. We had a 93+% success rate in getting the job done in SC&T and I congratulate you (and especially Greg Pearce ) for that.

If anyone gets such a letter and has in fact done the training then please contact me or Greg with the greatest urgency.  If you get such a letter and have not done the training then also contact us but more importantly, log on and do the training!

The information to access the training has been distributed many times already but here it is again:

            The link to login into E Learning is through Scout Central link address below:
            State: New South Wales
            Userid: member number
            Password: birthdate ddmmyy 

Once in the system you will notice “Online Training” in top left hand corner, click

Go to elearning modules, Click on your section and scroll down to find the modules (if you have trouble finding them I've included pictures of what you're looking for at the very bottom of this message).

On other matters, Crew AGMs are now being scheduled so you should all be considering how you can contribute to your crew’s success in the year ahead. The same applies to the RRC and the need to fill its executive roles. Position descriptions are available on our website (Resources > Constitution).

Bob Nightingale - Region Commissioner -Rovers