SC&T Rovers - July 2015 Newsletter

Please find below the SC&T July 2015 Newsletter - If you have any content you'd like included in a newsletter edition, please email it to webmaster@scatrovers.com.


Upcoming Events

• Intercrew Challenge (Figtree) - Wednesday 22nd July

• Environment Camp (Vents & Rovers) - Friday 24th - Sunday 26th

• Region Rover Council (August) - Tuesday 11th August

• Introduction to Snow Camping - Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd August

• Region Rover Council (September) - Tuesday 8th September

• Cross Country Skiing Weekend - Friday 11th - Sunday 13th September


Venturer & Rover Environment Camp

The Venturer/Rover Environment Camp will be on this weekend from the 24 -26th of July at Mt Keira and will cover the 5 aims of the World Scout Environment Badge including workshops to help Rovers to develop an environmentally focused BPSA project. The camp has been developed to teach an array of key skills needed in the environmental field with major activities including:

- Adventure conservation
- Field surveying techniques
- Flora & Fauna Identification
- Basic GIS & Spatial analysis
- Astronomy with the Illawarra Astronomy Club
- Spotlighting & Presentation by the local Illawarra Ranger
- Op-Shop Formal Dinner
- SC&T Environment Forum 

If you would like to be part of this event but you haven’t registered please contact Alex McCarthy (environment@sctscouts.org.au).

Rhiannon Hughes - RRC Treasurer


Snowcraft Weekends

If you are interested in trying camping on the snow then get into contact Lisa Cebokli (da_martian@hotmail.com). This season there will be a Snowcraft Trip especially aimed at beginners. It will involve only a small amount of walking, and will instead focus on having fun, learning the skills required to camp on Snow in the back country, and tobogganing on the biggest hills that we can find. We will be camping behind Thredbo on 22-23 August. It would be fantastic to see some new faces come and experience some of the best camping that Winter can offer.

There will also be a cross country skiing weekend on 10-12 September. This will be aimed at people that already have some experience camping on snow, even if you have not cross country skied before. Again contact Lisa for details.


Region Caving Weekend: Hectic!

The Region Caving Weekend was held in Wee Jasper from 3 – 5 July. It was a fantastic weekend with over 40 Venturers, Rovers and Leaders in attendance from across the Region. As usual there was something for everyone, with both beginner and experienced cavers getting the opportunity to explore new chambers, climbs and squeezes. Massive thanks to all of the caving leaders who helped run the cave trips, as well as Rob Hatton for organising the weekend. We are already looking forward to even more Venturers and Rovers attending the event next year.

Matthew Kusi


Revolutionary Changes to the RRC!

The RRC Exec have been busy improving the RRC so we can better support the needs of the Rovers in the Region. An outline of the changes can be accessed by clicking here.

Changes include aspects covering the following topics:

• Functions of the RRC

• Structure of the RRC

• Constitution of the RRC

• RRC Meetings

Should you want further information of any of the changes after reading the full outline, please contact Kusi.

Matthew Kusi