Revolutionary Changes to the RRC!

The RRC Exec have been busy improving the RRC so we can better support the needs of the Rovers in the Region. Here is a quick outline of the changes:

  • Functions of the RRC: The RRC executive met in April to discuss the role of the RRC, and how we should be supporting Crews in providing a quality experience for their Rovers. We decided on the following primary functions of the RRC, which guided the way we restructured the Council.
    • To support the development of Crews in the Region and their delivery of the Areas of Personal Growth;
    • To facilitate connections between Crews in the Region;
    • To oversee key Rover-run events in the Region;
    • To oversee the finances of the Rover section of the Region; and
    • To represent the Region at the Branch Rover Council, and report back to the Region about BRC matters.
  • Structure of the RRC: Once we agreed upon the primary functions of the RRC we changed the structure of the RRC so we could perform the functions better than we have done in the past. While most of the positions haven’t changed much, there are a few new roles and one which has been removed.
    • An Event Liaison Officer (ELO) position has been created to help support our key Rover-run events in the Region, like Moot, WWG and RVR.
    • A Crew Liaison Officer (CLO) position has been created to improve communication between the RRC and our Crews, and to help Crews fulfil the different Areas of Personal Growth (AoPG).
    • A Training Officer position has been confirmed to help Rovers access training opportunities and ensure compliance with new training requirements, such as online modules, etc.
    • The Public Relations Officer is no longer a position as it didn’t contribute to the primary functions of the RRC.
  • Constitution of the RRC: In conjunction with the above changes we also updated the RRC Constitution to make it more flexible, but also stronger to serve and protect the Rovers in the Region. The new constitution will be presented to the RRC at an extraordinary AGM of the Council to be held on Tuesday, 11 August 2015. At this meeting we will vote to approve the new Constitution for a trial period of 6 months, as well as electing a new set of Office Bearers for the RRC.
  • RRC Meetings: After listening to your feedback the RRC Exec have decided to change the way RRC Meetings are held. Effective from the August meeting the RRC will no longer meet every month. Instead, the SC&T Rovers will meet once every two months for a short RRC meeting followed by a social activity. Every Rover in the Region will be encouraged to attend these activities in order to get a brief update from the RRC while also getting to know other Rovers and having fun!

You can view the proposed RRC Constitution by clicking here.

For more info on any of the above changes please email Kusi at