Region Rover Dinner

Guess who’s back, back again, Region Rover Dinner’s back, tell a friend
That’s right, Region Rover Dinner is back in full swing and what better to end the year than with a Christmas Dinner. This year’s Region Rover Dinner is going to be like no other Region Rover Dinner before as we have combined it with this term’s Inter-Unit Challenge.
Date: 16/12/2020
Location: Mt Keira Scout Camp
Cost: $5 per person plus all food your Unit buys to cook.
The challenge is…
Each Unit will have to prepare and cook an entree, main meal and dessert for their Unit and a panel of judges.
The judges (non-Rovers) will taste the different plates of food and give each serving a score. The Units will also have the opportunity to secretly vote who they thought went well.
Bonus points will be given for:
  • Matching Unit outfits
  • Decorating Unit’s dining table
  • Meal Presentation
  • Explanation of meals to judges
  • Clean kitchen post cooking
Each Unit will be allocated a different kitchen to prepare the food in. Units are responsible for bringing their own cooking equipment and cleaning the kitchen afterwards. All Rovers are encouraged to dress up in the theme of Christmas. 
For those Rovers from outside of Wollongong, free accommodation has been arranged for you for the Friday and Saturday night. Please contact for more information.
For Covid-19 guidelines on food preparation please see: activities-during-covid-19.pdf
Please stay tuned for registration details. 

About Region Rover Dinner

Often the Rovers can be found travelling far away, conquering the landscapes around us, trekking through canyons, climbing through caves, canoeing or kayaking through rivers, hiking the trails or 4wding through forest or desert. We even have a few ceremonies and business meetings here and there. It’s quite a lot.

But once a year, the region rovers will get together, relax for night and enjoy a meal as catered by themselves. One crew will organise the evening, plan a theme and deck out the halls with the appropriate attire.

Each course is contributed by a different crew with a different idea and cuisine (unless the theme is a cuisine, in which case it’s following the theme). If the rovers are feeling adventurous, we’ll throw each course in a different hall and travel between them on a bus/coach.

The region dinner is generally a SC&T only event, but we are open to interest from other rovers. If you’re interested in coming along and you’re not with our region, contact the event committee and see if we’ve got room for you.

Past Region Rover Dinners