NEW: The Updated Crew Finder

Last time our Crew Finder had an update, Goulburn rover crew was still around.

So we’ve updated our page with a new page with up to date locations for all active crews. You can find the crew finder by clicking “Crews” in the navigation bar above ^^^. Or in case it isn’t working for you, click here.

We’ve also included some new features like:

Lones Rovers locations

Not everyone lives near a rover crew, but you might live near a lones rover. You can still be a member with rovers as part of lones, and if you live near another lones member, you can work together to enjoy rovers together.

All lones rovers (espicially those in the SCAT region area) are welcome at all SCAT Rovers events.

Scout Camp locations

(hidden by default)

You’ve probably heard of Cataract Scout Camp and Mount Keira Scout Camp, but did you know our region has a scout camp at Pambula near the Victorian Border? Hidden on first load to avoid too much noise, you can can find scout camps run by the region in your local area. Details are included to book these sites on the icons.

To make these visible, open the sidebar and tick the Scout Camps title.


What we’re still working on

When you load the crew finder, you’ll notice that there’s links for all 6 crews. However not every crew page is finished yet. Don’t worry, we’re working on it now and we’ll get it updated as soon as possible. You can get in touch with any crew by emailing contact.CREW@scatrovers.com and replace CREW with the crew location. e.g. contact.albionpark@scatrovers.com