Goulburn Muster Camp 2015

Event Report

On Friday 28th August a group of Rovers from the region met for dinner at the Tattersalls Bar to start a great weekend of games, activities and fun.

The weekend started off pretty relaxed as we tidied up the camp removing hazards after recent show and caught up with each other or met someone for the first time. After lunch the group completed a number of problem solving activities that encouraged team work, thinking and perseverance. Although the result was not always pretty everyone pulled together to find a solution while maintaining a positive attitude and having a good laugh.

During the afternoon we decided to go for a walk around Kilto visiting other camp sights and taking in the view. The walk provided a great opportunity for conversation within the group in particular discussion around future plans to improve each camping area. After returning to camp we gathered around a bon fire as the light dimmed and prepared for dinner. When everyone had had their fill those who wanted returned to town for a night of music and dancing at the local clubs before turning in for the night.

Sunday started slowly after our late night but quickly gained momentum after breakfast as we set off to go rick climbing and abseiling. We spent the rest of the morning going up and down the cliff face refreshing and improving our skills while taking in the amazing views. I would like to thank Rob Hatton and Daniel Seddon-Powell for coming to help out with this activity, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Overall a fantastic weekend was had by all and we were able to complete a lot in a positive relaxing atmosphere including building a new set of benches around the main fire pit out of materials recycled from the clean up. I would like to thank everyone for attending, participating in all activities, helping out without when needed and making the weekend run smoothly. I look forward to seeing you all at future events.

Elizabeth Sale
Goulburn Rover Crew