Region Canyoning Weekend

Event Report

Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th December 2015

SC&T Rovers and Venturers had an excellent time canyoning at Mt Wilson over the first weekend of December. On the Saturday morning everyone was organised into one of three groups each exploring a different canyon – Clatterteeth (also known as Du Faur), Kelvinator and Serendipity. Some enjoyed abseils, others enjoyed jumps, swims, fantastic scenery and good company.

That evening back at camp participants entertained themselves with whip cracking, storytelling and snacking. An excellent roast dinner put together by Ryan with assistance from Rhi, who spent their day slaving over the campfire instead of canyoning. Once the sun went down a large group went to visit the Cathedral of Ferns where fireflies gather. To our amazement the ferns sparkled with living fairy lights and we enjoyed a torchless walk back to the campsite.

The next morning groups were reshuffled and everyone headed off to a new canyon with groups completing Dalpura, Yileen and North Bowens Creek Upper Section. Again some fantastic abseils, jumps and skylarking were completed.

A big thankyou to all those involved in organisation along with Ryan and Rhi for dinner!

Lisa Cebokli

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